Wednesday 6 July 2011


  • Lie Prone/Supine, Sit or Kneel on a scooter board going down the ramp -- can be accompanied with memory tasks "write the number your hear before going down the ramp".
  • Sit and Swing in a vertically hanging tyre/ tractor inner tube.
  • Jumping on Trampoline
  • Bounce or Walk on tractor inner tube.
  • Hang and Walk on a monkey ladder.
  • Sit on a 'Sit and Spin'.
  • Walking on a cable roller
  • Holding a net swing or rope while moving to and fro on a scooter board
  • Balancing on a Vestibular Board along with some activities 'Ball Catching & Throwing'.
  • Jumping from Tables to Chairs to Mats.

Friday 11 March 2011


Kartik a 11 year old boy with Autism Spectrum Disorder was referred at Saksham around 3 and a half years back for his hyperactivity, self-injurious/self hitting behavior, head banging, biting, no eye contact, social isolation and inability to sit in a place.

Kartik is a nonverbal Autistic child. In his initial months at Saksham, Kartik showed hypersensitivity to light touch and favored moving or spinning objects, rotational objects and glasses to spin. Kartik used to run from a place to another and was usually Bunny-hopping, or was on foot.

Kartik was introduced to various sensory experiences of which he favoured Brushing or a towel rub, swinging in a hammock, bouncing on a therapy ball. Brushing his feet improved his ability to gain sensations in a better way from ground and now he places his foot properly on the ground when he walk. As Kartik learned his sensory needs, he used to gain those sensory experiences on his own such as bouncing on ball for long times but these made him even more worse as he would over-stimulate himself beyond the requirements of his Sensory Diet. Slowly, Kartik learnt to Sit and transfer objects from a container to another which would take him around half an hour earlier to transfer 4-5 blocks and now he would even pick a whole lot in 2-3 minutes. He was gradually introduced to Water Play as a medium to Sensory activities. Kartik slowly progresses to improved seating behavior.

Kartik was then trained in Activities of Daily Living skills starting with Dressing and now he is able to aid his mother in Dressing such as lifts and moves his arm into the shirt or lifts his pants up.
Kartik was then trained for Eating and now is able to feed himself independently but spills his food and asks for food when hungry. Kartik has now become potty trained and takes his parents to toilet when feels an urge, but has no control over his urination needs. 
Kartik now follows commands such as get your shoes or bag, go sit on your seat, wait don’t run, eat your food, etc.  Kartik when on a vacation enjoys outings and has become easier to manage. He is now able to sit and watches a movie for around 2 hours. 
Kartik at Saksham is currently being trained for Tooth Brushing, Ball Activities, and being provided sensory experiences to improve mental functioning, reduce self hitting despite other goals.



Aryaman a 12 year boy with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) was referred to Saksham for Occupational Therapy and Sensory Integration to reduce his hypersensitivity. He has been attending Day Care facility at Saksham since past 3 years.

Aryaman is a high functioning, verbal Autistic who showed to be hypersensitive to changes in schedules or newer events such as a delay of 5 minutes in pick-up time, changes in weather, a change in therapist or class, or a new student in class-room. He had problem in communicating with peers and showed aggression in response to neglect from them or to any mistake on his part as he did not understood the way to communicate sorry. Aryaman never initiated conversation and rarely made eye contact with other individuals.

With therapy Aryaman has slowly learnt to control his temper and shares his needs and concerns when asked upon. Aryaman during these years has been exposed to Social Stories to help him suit to various social situations such as classroom behavior, behavior at a mall or in a park or in school van, daily routines and pre-exposure to situations that need to occur in the near future has made him easy to cope up with changes in the schedules.

Aryaman has been exposed to sensory experiences such as Brushing on arms and legs to reduce hyperactivity, and various Brain Gym Exercises to improve his mental functioning. Also, therapy aimed at improving communication abilities to establish better relationships with his peers & feel less frustrated during daily interactions with other people. Aryaman was also trained for various Activities of Daily Living Skills such as Feeding and Toileting. Now, Aryaman has developed a tendency to sit patiently and independently performs certain tasks allotted to him in his classroom. He has also improved upon his command following abilities. Aryaman now rarely shows aggression when notices a new face or when in a crowded place. He has as well improved upon his eating hypersensitivity and now completes his lunch or snacks offered to him. He now expresses his toileting urge. Aryaman is being trained to improve upon his communication skills, reading ability and mental functioning.